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My Background

Pastor Audrey Parker is founder of Ministry of Love Praise and Worship Convention, a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit ministry. Her vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with emphasis on praise and worship.

My Faith

Pastor Audrey Parker is committed to the work of the Lord. She preaches across the US with global presence through her music workshops and praise conventions. Pastor Audrey ministers with the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

My Service

Pastor Audrey Parker is well known for her involvement in her church and community. She is the Assistant Pastor of the New Christ Community Church, Saginaw, MI. Audrey Parker owns a hair salon, specializing in color.


God's Child Support by Audrey Y. Parker

Foreword: Absolutely life changing! Child Support is an incredible book written from a kingdom perspective. This book reminds you that you don't have to live in lack. You are God's child and God takes care of what is His. God does not have any probelm paying Child Support. Whatever you need has already been provided. You are His child. Now receive your Child Support! - Brian Pruitt, Power of Dad

Reading Excerpt: One day as I was sitting in Sunday School listening to our teacher, he began to say some interesting facts about child support. His statement was that when a parent goes to court to receive child support, the judge also considers how much the should receive. He bases his determination on the yearly income of the parent. The judge wants to make sure that the child will have the same quality of life as the parent. If the parent is living well, the child should live well also. I was in deep thought and i heard a word spoken in my spirit. "You are my child and I support you. I give you child support checks."

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